Price County Airport - Excellence in Airport Construction Engineering

Development at the Price County Airport included a 220’ runway extension and a mile long parallel taxiway to enhance the safety of airfield operations.  A taxilane and hangar site were also completed to develop an area to provide additional aircraft storage, including a site for a large corporate hangar.  The improvements required over a quarter-million cubic yards of excavation encompassing more than 75 acres.  Other items of work included:

  • 105 acres of tree clearing
  • Tree trimming for runway approaches on 17 properties
  • The demolition of an old farmstead, including: house, barn, and two silos
  • 170 new LED base mounted taxiway lights and 9 new guidance signs, requiring over 6 miles of new wiring
  • 19,000 tons of aggregate base course, which was produced on site save on project costs
  • The relocation of runway approach navigation aids
  • 350,000 square yards of salvaged topsoil and restoration, requiring 23,000 lbs of seed