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With Becher Hoppe’s deep history in airport engineering and surveying, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)/drones are a natural fit for our clients’ needs and staff’s passions.  Becher Hoppe has multiple FAA certified commercial remote pilots on staff.  With these individuals’ experience we can approach every flight mission in safe and professional matter, even within airport operation areas and controlled airspace.  Our projects have included flights ranging from aerial photography to complex surveying and data collection.  Drones add a new perspective and are another tool for our engineers and surveyors to utilize to provide efficient and accurate results.


  • Topographic Surveys – Topographic data collection provides highly accurate three-dimensional data of features such as treetops, pavements, buildings, etc.  Drones are a great resource to collect vast amounts of existing data in a short matter of time, often in areas that are hard to reach with traditional methods.
  • Inventory Management - Get volumes for stockpiles in a fast-accurate manner of any material.
  • Infrastructure Inspection and Analysis - Safely analyze areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach in a safe manner with videos and photos.
  • Ortho Imagery – Ortho image data collection provides an up to date, orthorectified image for use as base maps in exhibits, plan sheets, and construction documents.
  • Oblique Photography – Oblique photos provide and unique and valuable perspective when analyzing existing data and monitoring ever change construction sites.  These photos can aid in documentation and prove to be a valuable resource observing existing conditions.

Drone Volume Surveys

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