Becher Hoppe helps build better communities, providing total support for transportation, residential, infrastructure, recreational or commercial-related projects. Our municipal services include project assessments and master plans, site development, street reconstruction, utilities and storm water management. Our firm has served as a lead designer or a participant in multidisciplinary project teams for bikeways, recreational trails, boat ramps, parks and campgrounds — always with a strong focus on budget constraints, schedules and impact on the community.


Recreational projects are a natural for Becher Hoppe. With our office located in Central Wisconsin, the surrounding area offers a wide range of recreational features from city parks, bikeways and trails, to boat ramps, campgrounds and sporting fields. All of these projects allow residents and visitors to enjoy the Northwoods experience, in town and in nature.


Residential subdivisions, multifamily housing, and retirement housing projects are all an opportunity to enhance the quality of life. Becher Hoppe works closely with clients, contractors, and governmental agencies during the critical periods of planning and site development for these projects to ensure optimum site utilization and to address challenges such as high bedrock or water tables, on-site wetlands, underground gas lines and more.


Towns should look like they were built for people, not just for cars. Streetscaping transforms local, aging streets and walkways into vibrant thoroughfares and aesthetically pleasing gathering places. Becher Hoppe develops innovative concepts for on-street parking, integrating concrete pavement and brick accents, decorative lighting, planters, benches, sidewalks and more.


Aging infrastructure, especially sanitary sewers, water mains, and service connections can be the source of ongoing challenges. Becher Hoppe can evaluate sanitary sewer and watermain systems and provide recommendations to ensure the optimum balance between capacity and costs.