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Central Wisconsin Airport Terminal Area Pavement Improvements

Mosinee, WI

Central Wisconsin Airport Terminal Area Pavement Improvements - Mosinee, WI

After 42 years of continuous use, pavement near the main terminal of the Central Wisconsin Airport needed improvement.  Deficiencies, consisting of random cracking, spalls, and differential frost heave, increased risks for possible foreign object damage (FOD) to aircraft and allowed water to seep under paved surfaces, further exacerbating frost heave and pavement deterioration. 

Project Features

  • Removal of deteriorated pavement
  • Placement of new sub-base, underdrain, storm sewer, and base aggregate
  • Approximately 9,500 square yards of concrete pavement replacement on terminal apron area
  • Approximately 2,800 square yards of asphalt pavement replacement on general aviation apron
  • Underground airfield electrical duct relocation
  • Design concrete apron grades, storm sewer and utility corridor, and temporary HMA pavement apron for future terminal expansions.

Firm’s Involvement

  • Performed topographic survey, collected data, located pavement replacement areas and storm sewer
  • Coordinated sub-consultant for geotechnical investigation and report
  • Coordinated and attended project scoping meetings
  • Prepared preliminary opinion of probable costs and construction cost estimates
  • Coordinated with airport staff, utility owners, and regulatory agencies
  • Prepared bidding documents and provided bidding assistance
  • Prepared construction phasing plan, Engineer’s Report, and construction documents
  • Provided resident engineering representation, density testing, and quality assurance monitoring