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Langlade Parallel Taxiway

Antigo, WI

Langlade Parallel Taxiway - Antigo, WI

AIG’s existing Runway 9/27 pavement rested on the Wisconsin state soil – Antigo silt loam. This soil is great for growing potatoes, which the area is known for, but not for supporting airport pavements. The poor subgrade soils, and lack of subbase, was evident in the existing pavement condition. The design intent was to remove the silt down to the underlying granular material, then rebuild the subbase with on-site granular backfill. After construction commenced, substantial pockets of silt not detected in the soil borings were discovered. The Contractor and Becher Hoppe worked expeditiously to pothole the runway at various locations and re-evaluate the amount of excavation needed to remove the additional silt. Within a day, approval was received by the BOA to proceed with this additional work. The new runway and taxiway now have a subbase that will give these pavements many years of service life.